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I'm happy to report I just passed the test this week, and I was set up to pass beautifully by Walls Training. The instructor was extremely effective, kept the class engaged, and made us laugh alongside learning. Very well done. I'd recommend Walls Training in a heartbeat!

Ann M.


I was very happy with my experience at Walls Training. I can easily say that if it wasn't for the in-depth knowledge and experience of the trainer (Scott Reilly) I wouldn't have passed the exam. He was able to take difficult concepts and teach them in an exciting way.

Joe C.


Scott is a great instructor with years of experience and fun to be around. I learned a lot quickly.

Doug W.


Scott was a fantastic teacher. His life experiences and stories regarding different Insurance related incidences made the subject matter interesting, and made me feel even better about my decision to pursue this industry. He gave examples of how insurance can, on occasion, change someone's life for the better.

The online program was fantastic, too. The quizzes and tests helped prepare for the exams by really assuring that I knew the information.

Thanks so much,

Christine S.


Scott is the best! His knowledge of what is on the exam helped me tremendously. I'd recommend signing up with Walls to get your training with one of the best instructors in the state.

Fred R.


It was a great experience with the classes I had there. Scott is very knowledgable person and very energetic. He is always ready to answer any questions. I am glad that I chose this institute.

Sampada G.


I credit this hugely to your lecture style. I'm best at learning when listening, and you taught to the test incredibly well. I can't think of any questions I had that weren't solvable by checking my notes.

Kayla H.


I wanted to take a minute and say THANK YOU for making your class interesting and FUN. You have timing skill that is impeccable. Right when the class might be getting on for too long of a time, you somehow know to quip a barb, share a life experience or just get somebody to laugh, and then we all laugh, get our second wind, and continue on. I was worried about the upcoming test as I know I am not a great test taker. You told us what to expect, and sure enough, it was exactly as you said it was going to be. I passed the test, and I think I did it pretty easy. No doubt I would Never hesitate to refer you and your class to anybody starting out in the insurance industry. Thanks again.

Larry J.